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This is a series of four free videos, each less than ten minutes long. In this series, you learn to navigate the 3ds Max user interface. Using the Modify panel, we create a very simple 3D model, an ice cream cone. This series also introduces object properties, such as name and wireframe color. Among the topics covered are the following:

Create objects and place them in 3D space
Navigate in 3D with mouse and keyboard shortcuts
Choose display options and configure viewports
Adjust object parameters such as Width and Height
Change the shape of an object with a modifier

To view the entire video series at any resolution, including 720p HD, go to the YouTube playlist.

You may also download .ZIP packages of HD videos by clicking the links below.

To extend your studies in 3ds Max, sign up for lynda.com to view a ten hour video series in 3ds Max 2011 Essential Training.


Topics Time Download Streaming 
Part 1 Interface
Object creation
9:03 MP4 file
67 MB zipped
YouTube stream
Part 2 Transforms
Viewport navigation
8:46 MP4 file
82 MB zipped
YouTube stream
Part 3 Display options
Viewport configuration
Object properties
6:05 MP4 file
39 MB zipped
YouTube stream
Part 4 Snap to grid
Free form deformer
8:22 MP4 file
52 MB zipped
YouTube stream

Supplemental material:

3ds Max Cheat Sheet  

This document lists the most commonly needed hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts, for 3ds Max.

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