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Creating Fluid Effects in Maya

May 5, 2013

Learn to render realistic bodies of water such as ponds, oceans and underwater shots with Maya — essential skills in a visual effects artist's toolkit. In this course, Aaron F. Ross shows how to work with the Fluid node attributes, control the simulation quality, make collisions that mimic surface wake or waves, float objects, and improve the realism of your scenes with shaders and reflectivity.

Topics include:

Simulating convincing surfaces of water and other liquids
Creating dynamic ripples with fluid pond and wake emitters
Testing simulations with interactive playback
Rendering water surfaces
Controlling render tessellation
Floating objects dynamically
Rendering an underwater scene

Creating Shader Networks in Maya and mental ray

March 15, 2013

Dive deeply into the Hypershade window and shader creation with Maya and the mental ray rendering engine. In this course, author Aaron F. Ross shows how to create materials and shaders for 3D objects, characters, and landscapes, with reflectivity, transparency, and amazing texture. Become more comfortable building shader networks and open up a lot of new possibilities for creative surfaces in Maya.

Topics include:

Getting familiar with Hypershade
Making and breaking connections
Using mental ray materials
Adding reflectivity with ray tracing
Rendering refractions
Mapping translucence
Adding surface relief detail
Adjusting and combining textures
Constructing a stylized non-photoreal shader
Working with math and utility nodes
Rendering ink and paint with Maya Toon

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