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  3ds Max Cheat Sheet Essential keyboard and mouse shortcuts

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3ds Max has multiple groups of context-sensitive keyboard shortcuts. These can conflict with the main user interface shortcuts. If your hotkeys aren’t doing what you want, click the button on the Main Toolbar labeled “Keyboard Shortcut Override Toggle.” If it’s off, then only the main UI hotkeys work. If it’s on, the context-sensitive group hotkeys override the main UI hotkeys.

Viewport Navigation

“Pan” (track / pedestal) middle mouse
Orbit ALT + middle mouse
Zoom (or Dolly) CTRL + ALT + middle mouse
or mouse wheel
Maximize Viewport Toggle ALT + W
Zoom Extents All Selected Z
Undo View Change SHIFT + Z
Redo View Change SHIFT + Y

Viewport Display

Wireframe F3
Edged Faces F4
Grids G
Safe Frames SHIFT + F
Isolate Selection ALT + Q
Selection Highlighting ALT + J
Selection Brackets SHIFT + J
Shade Selected Faces F2
Statistics 7


Move (translate or position) W
Rotate E
Scale R
Transform Gizmo Size Up = (alphabetic equals sign)
Transform Gizmo Size Down - (alphabetic minus sign)
Snap S
Angle Snap A
Restrict to X, Y, Z F5, F6, F7
Restrict to XY / YZ / ZX F8


Undo CTRL + Z
Redo CTRL + Y
Select Tool and Selection Region Q
Select All CTRL + A
Select None CTRL + D
Select Invert CTRL + I
Add to Selection CTRL + select
Remove from Selection ALT + select
Lock Selection SHIFT + CTRL + N
Clone CTRL + V
or SHIFT + transform
Global Search (Search All Actions) X


Select from Scene (Select By Name) H
Material Editor M
Environment 8
Render F9
Render Setup F10

Editable Poly

Caddy (Tool Settings) SHIFT + click Ribbon icon
Select Edge Loop double-click an edge
Remove Edges and Vertices CTRL + BACKSPACE
Convert Sub-object Selection CTRL + click sub-object icon
Convert to Contained SHIFT + CTRL + click sub-object icon


Play / Pause /
Previous Frame / Previous Key <
Next Frame / Next Key >
Go To First Frame HOME
Go To Last Frame END
Autokey Mode N
Set Keys (create keys) K
Create Preview SHIFT + V