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  Maya Cheat Sheet Essential keyboard and mouse shortcuts

PDF:  print format
PDF:  screen format (white text)

Tools and Transforms

Select Q
Translate (position) W
Rotate E
Scale R
Show Manipulator Tool (aim camera or light) T
Increase Manipulator Size = (equals) or + (plus)
Decrease Manipulator Size - (minus)
Move Pivot aka “Enter Edit Mode” INSERT
Move Pivot aka “Enter Edit Mode” (momentary) hold D

Viewport Navigation

Tumble (orbit) ALT + left mouse
Track ALT + middle mouse
Dolly ALT + right mouse
or mouse wheel
Toggle Panel Layout tap SPACEBAR
Frame Selection F
Frame All in All Views SHIFT + A
Undo View Move [
Redo View Move ]

Viewport Display

Wireframe 4
Smooth Shade 5
Smooth Shade + Textures 6
Smooth Shade + Textures + Lights 7
NURBS / Bezier Rough, Medium, Fine 1, 2, 3

Panels and Menus

Attribute Editor CTRL + A
Hotbox Menu hold SPACEBAR
Marking Menu hold right mouse button
Menu Sets F2, F3, F4, F5, F6


Undo Z or CTRL + Z
Parent P
Repeat Last Action (command) G
Repeat Last Tool aka “Non-Sacred Tool” Y
Help F1

Component Modes

Object / Component Mode F8
Vertex / Control Vertex F9
Polygon Edge F10
Polygon Face F11

Smooth Mesh

Polygon Smooth Mesh Off 1
Polygon Cage + Smooth Mesh 2
Polygon Smooth Mesh 3


Snap to Grid SHIFT + X
Snap to Grid (momentary) hold X
Snap to Curve SHIFT + C
Snap to Curve (momentary) hold C
Snap to Point SHIFT + V
Snap to Point (momentary) hold V
Discrete Transform (momentary increment snap) hold J

Painting and Sculpting

Brush Radius hold B + left mouse
Max Displacement hold M + left mouse
Smooth Brush hold SHIFT + left mouse
Reverse Push/Pull hold CTRL + left mouse


Set Key (all transforms) S
Set Translate Key (position) SHIFT + W
Set Rotate Key SHIFT + E
Play / Pause ALT + V
Previous Frame ALT + , (comma)
Next Frame ALT + . (period)
Previous Key , (comma)
Next Key . (period)

Mac users:

The ALT key is labeled OPTION on the keyboard.

The CTRL key is labeled CONTROL. The COMMAND key may also work.

By default in macOS, function keys are reserved for operating system commands. To use the function keys in Maya, you have two options:

1. Hold the FUNCTION key, labeled FN on the keyboard, sometimes including an icon of a globe. Then press the desired function key such as F1.

2. Enable the option “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys.” In macOS Ventura or later, this is found in Apple Menu > System Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts. In earlier versions of macOS, it's in System Preferences > Keyboard.